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Travel Spotlight: Santorini

Greece Santorini Travel Inspo Wanderlust

Wanderlust: an irresistible desire to travel to understand one's very own existence. 
Let's face it, in the busy world we live in- whether it's school, work, work & school or just the daily stress of life- we could all use a healthy dose of wanderlust. Each week, we roll out our favorite travel destination as part of our #WanderlustWednesdays series. Our travel spotlight this week? Beautiful Santorini, Greece.
One of the most stunning islands of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is considered among the most popular travel destinations in the world, particularly for fashion bloggers. And who could blame them? With gorgeous beaches and breathtaking views of ancient architecture, who wouldn't want that as the backdrop of their #ootd? The exotic food and lively nightlife of Greek locals and fellow wanderlust souls isn't too shabby either. 


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