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Kind-Proof Your Wardrobe: Our Favorite Cruelty Free Clothing Picks


The cruelty free clothing movement has fully arrived and we're excited to say the least. Gone are the days when a handful of dated options comprised the vegan fashion offerings. From faux leather jackets to not-so-suede handbags, the cruelty free fashion world is truly stepping up its game. 


 Cruelty free clothing

Snag the Blake Denim Sherpa Jacket for $128, and the Natalia Vegan Suede Skirt  for $58.

As cruelty free accessories go, vegan suede ankle boots are an all-season staple, and will carry you through festival season, the holidays and everything in-between. We also love tying our outfits together with cruelty free wrap necklaces and bracelets for those laid back weekend days.

Shop the Cara Vegan Suede Ankle Boots, $49, and the Inga Fringe Ankle Boots, $58.
At Harper + Lange, we believe just a little awareness of our fashion choices can go a long way! And with so many chic, cruelty free options to choose from, it's easier than ever to dress kindly. Jump on the good vibes train, and shop all of the styles below in our boho cruelty free clothing collection!




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